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So many Actresses come on to those Late Night Show's in Dresses and with wavy hair, looking like they just hopped off the red carpet and came on to the show. But she looks like she's planning on running for President. Such a contrast! I think she's stunning.

It's more practical using live flies than CGI because it will cost them a lot specially if it will have an appearance in a couple of frames..

This show is fallout 4


Peacock meat?? Nasiruddin Saha ko toh Pig 🐷🐖🐷🐽 ka meat dena chahiye.


I have become a big fan of Rachel, she is a great actress.

it's amazing how far we humans have evolved, that we can gather around and have a good ol laugh about flies being frozen alive, but not frozen enough to kill them so we can use them later for entertainment purposes. We should be ashamed of ourselves as an intelligent species. Laughs all around.. This is an AMAZING interview! Ha! Evan is awesome and I can't wait to see where the show goes with her character and acting skills!.



Well, they aren't really robots if they're made of flesh and blood, are they

Left hand forefinger! What the hell?! Short hair and trousers.. She was so feminine and attractive on the show ironically, something about the way she looks in this video makes her look CGI to me. not kidding..






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